2018 Bole Festival: Musings of an outsider

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I have been awake since 2am, and catching up on things, including a very important work I needed to finish.

However, while at it, I decided to surf the web and i saw things said about the just concluded #BoleFestival in Port Harcourt, PH, Rivers State.

Unfortunately, i would have loved to attend as i have never done so before, but distance meant i was nothing but an outsider.

So, it is very much possible that i have taken what I have seen and read out of context or obviously read from those who must always be a part of that few- if you know, you know.

The PH Bole Meet is a festival with its goal focused on showcasing the very rich and wonderful taste of the famous PH delicacy.

Not only is the festival an avenue to boost [food] tourism but to also foster social interactions and networking amongst the teeming and rambunctious youths in the state, neighboring states and Nigeria at large.

Therefore, i have decided to give my two kobo on just two points- first on the fee and then, the prices of food.

The festival was held yesterday, and i have read how there were so many people, a very large crowd and i want to appreciate the organisers for keeping their gate fee low at N500, which obviously led to more people attending the event

Usually, if gate fee was set at N1500-5000, you will see people of course but then how many? The essence would have also been defeated, which is projecting PH’s most loved delicacy- bole and fish, in a friendly and hospitable environment that inspires social interactions.

Rivers State has so many tribes with many delicacies, but there is one that unites us more, bole!

Prices Of Bole
Now to the food-bole and all!

From what i read and heard, prices were high and not friendly, which is very typical. They had to take advantage of the crowd to ensure that they made whatever the planners didn’t from gate fees.

Perhaps some wanted to ensure they not only start their journey of becoming landlords and landladies by building but also completing their houses from today so that in a month’s time, rent will become the next thing. Lol

Nevertheless, i sincerely hope when the 2019 edition comes the sellers take a cue from the organisers and keep prices low so more people will be interested in buying more of the bole and enjoy themselves without realising how much they had spent because of too much jolliment.

Keep prices relatively low, or you end up making people spend more time looking for guys or girls to talk to- some are just there to eat and drink, do not turn it into an exploitative and a get-rich-quick venture.

That said, a very wise man, former Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, said that one should always end criticisms with encouragement.

Consequently, it was a very good one and hopefully we see more of such a gathering that unites us more than the politics in the state which not only divides us but takes away the lives of our friends and family- due to greed and selfishness!

Please, Pitakwa people, do not let the greed and selfishness in our politics ruin what is on its way to becoming a solid must-attend tourism event in the state.

Kudos to the brains behind it all, the vendors and all those who made it a huge success. This is believing the next one i’d be around and also help in promoting the bole-rism!!

Take care. Time to get back to what i was doing!

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