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2023 Elections: There will be five major changes to occur – Yinka Yusuf Prophesies

Five major changes will occur in 2023 elections – Yinka Yusuf Prophesies
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A Nigerian evangelist – Yinka Yusuf has highlighted five significant developments that will occur in the general elections of 2023.Five major changes will occur in 2023 elections – Yinka Yusuf Prophesies

Yinka Yusuf, the founder and president of the Love for All Nations Ministery, expressed hope about the vision he saw in his new prophesies.

The clergyman outlined five changes that will occur during the election, claiming that Nigerians are more intelligent in their reasoning and will approach the event differently.

He argued that the people’s hunger, tears, and spilled blood are screaming out for a change in the country’s governmental system.

The man of God stated in a prophecy posted on his official Facebook page that both the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, will face voter rage, emphasizing that the true voice of Nigerians would be heard.

There will be mass defection of party loyalists to the advantage of smaller parties so the choices of the people will increase when it comes to political parties to choose from and when this happens, many more people especially the youths will become more interested in the politics of this great nation.

”Money politics will be totally disgraced, killed and buried in the forthcoming election. Many politicians will spend their billions and still lose the elections.

”There will be so much political awareness and many people will vote for individuals and not political parties. People will become conscience-driven and not the usual amala politics or stomach infrastructure as it is popularly known in Nigeria.

”Nigerians are tired and angry about all the lies, deception and outright manipulative nonsense we call democracy; politicians are going to be so surprised because the citizens of this country will no longer allow themselves to be taken for another ride”.

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