Buy Nigeria, think Nigeria – Adamawa Governor after Purchasing Luxurious Buses From Innoson Vehicles

Adamawa Governor Buy Luxurious Buses From Innoson Vehicles
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Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, recently made a significant stride towards enhancing the lives of his constituents, purchasing Luxurious Buses From Innoson Vehicles.Adamawa Governor Buy Luxurious Buses From Innoson Vehicles

Recognizing the need for improved transportation due to fuel subsidy removal, he took a commendable step by procuring state-of-the-art buses from Innoson Motors.

This strategic move aims not only to enhance the convenience of travel but also to alleviate the financial burden on the people of the state.

With a foresight that sets an inspiring precedent, Ahmadu Fintiri authorized the acquisition of Innoson’s luxurious buses, investing over N10 billion in the state’s transportation infrastructure.

The decision echoes his commitment to fostering economic growth within the region, in addition to modernizing the transit system for the benefit of all.

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri shared his viewpoint on this significant initiative through his verified Twitter account, emphasizing the importance of supporting local industries.

In his own words;

Buy Nigeria, think Nigeria. Adamawa must flourish!”

The governor’s tweet was a response to a user on the platform who lauded his choice to support Innoson vehicles, expressing heartfelt gratitude.

This interaction not only showcased the governor’s genuine concern for the people but also highlighted his proactive stance in endorsing indigenous products.

Governor Fintiri’s tweet sparked a buzz on social media. Supporters and a wide range of followers connected with his message, highlighting the significant impact of his choice to support local industries.

This move isn’t just about transportation; it symbolizes visionary leadership aligned with people’s aspirations.

Governor Fintiri, recently re-elected for a second term, he stands as a prominent figure in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), a major opposition party in Nigeria.

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