Adamawa Govt Urges Residents Living in Flood-Prone Areas to Relocate

Those Living in Flood-Prone Areas, Relocate Immediately – Adamawa govt tell Residents

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In a crucial announcement, the Adamawa State Government has issued a heartfelt plea to those residing in flood-prone areas.Adamawa Govt Urges Residents Living in Flood-Prone Areas to Relocate

The Adamawa State Government Offers Vital Advice: Move to Safer Grounds to Escape Impending Floods

The call comes as a proactive measure against the looming threat of flooding, brought on by the controlled release of water from the Lagdo Dam into the River Benue.

With the urgency of safeguarding lives and property, the State Government has sounded the alarm bells for an imminent flood disaster.

In a bid to ensure the well-being of its citizens, the government is fervently urging residents to temporarily relocate from their homes and businesses to secure areas.

The Commissioner of Information and Strategy, Neido Tanyishi Geoffrey Kofulto, has spearheaded this crucial advisory.

His message serves as a stark reminder to those settled around the River Benue Valley about the very real risk of an impending flood.

A formal notification has been dispatched to the General Managers of both the state’s Radio and Television stations, underlining the gravity of the situation.

“This is to inform the general public and most especially those living along the River Benue valley to relocate to safe places to avoid flooding with its devastating effects on lives and properties. This is as a result of the release of water from the Lagdo-dam over River Benue,” the state government said.

Recalling the unfortunate events of last year, Hitvibz brings to light the distressing fact that thousands were impacted by floods in nearly eighteen out of the state’s twenty-one local government areas, between the months of July and September 2022.

Unfortunately, no comprehensive measures were taken to alleviate the situation in the afflicted regions.

Significantly, the areas most heavily affected were those in close proximity to the banks of the River Benue.

Since that tumultuous period, the authorities have been unrelenting in their efforts to persuade residents to consider relocating.

By doing so, they hope to mitigate the potential risks and spare individuals from becoming unwitting victims.

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