Introducing ‘EVERGREEN’: The Debut EP by Charisse C, a Powerhouse in African Dance Music

African Dance Music Artist Charisse C Drops Debut EP ‘Evergreen’
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Charisse C, the DJ, artist, label owner, and NTS resident, unveils her debut EP, ‘EVERGREEN’, marking her venture into the realm of singer/songwriter. African Dance Music Artist Charisse C Drops Debut EP ‘Evergreen’

With roots tracing back to Zimbabwe and South Africa but raised in the UK, Charisse C is celebrated by Mixmag for her role in “building bridges between continents.”

Dive into her soulful, bass-heavy sound, which captivates international dance floors with its curious and intentional vibe.

Charisse C’s journey doesn’t end there.

From starting Abantu as a radio show in 2020 to evolving it into a celebrated night at London’s Village Underground, she’s been at the forefront, recently celebrating its third anniversary with a sold-out show.

As an ambassador of African dance music, Charisse C pioneers the electronic dance music landscape with her amapiano rooted sets, exploring the rich tapestry of the genre.

Her influence extends to hosting London’s premier amapiano Boiler Room and performing at renowned events like Afro Nation and Benji B’s Deviation Party.

Stream + Download the Ever Green song HERE

In addition to unveiling her latest music, Charisse C is set to launch her Abantu label at Village Underground on Saturday, March 16th, marking a monumental moment for one of dance music’s trailblazers.

Experience the tracks:

1. Angisafuni – Charisse C, and Shazmicsoul (feat. Smallkeys)
2. Morning Sun – Charisse C. and DJ Kwamzy
3. What I Need – Charisse C. and DJ Kwamzy
4. Nguva Yangu – Charisse C, Shingai, and Captain Lulaz (feat. DJ Kwamzy)

The lead single is ‘Angisafuni’. Join the movement and witness the evolution of dance music with Charisse C.

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