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4 ways to overcome insecurity in relationships

Insecurities, this is a feeling that everyone has felt one time in their life or are still feeling. Insecurity is an inner feeling of being threatened or inadequate in some way.

love and romance

Rules of good love and romance

What does Rule and Romance mean? A rule is a statement telling people what they should do in order to achieve success or a benefit of some kind.

Lovers are artist

I can say a thousand times over that the right lover is indeed an artist with its own unique touch that no other person can possess.

Cakes and cupids, the perfect gift of love

So we all know that cakes is something that is been given to people we love on their special day or special celebrations but still we don't know the meaning behind the cake sharing or giving.

Couples cuddling

Sacrifice or Stupidity

Hey guys! Welcome to Ala's round table... And today's topic is sacrifice or stupidity in relationships. Hmm... I can smell tension from behind my desk. Too much relationship issues and I'm here to talk about few.

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