5 things Hilda Baci stands to benefit from the Guinness World Record

5 things Hilda Baci stands to benefit from the Guinness World Record

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Are you curious about the positive benefits Hilda Baci will have from the World Record if/when She breaks it? Then worry no more, simply because we’ve provided you with a list of five of those advantages.5 things Hilda Baci stands to benefit from the Guinness World Record

The young Nigerian chef took up the challenge/quest to break the Guinness World Record for the longest time spent cooking by an individual and below are what she stands to benefit.

1. Global Reputation/Fame

The Guinness World Record certificate is recognized all around the world, and those who have earned it are well-known.

As a result, even if holders were unrecognized prior to earning the certificate, they can become famous.

2. Beneficial for her Business

The growing number and greater recognition that Hilda is currently receiving will carry over to her individual business brand.

If/when she breaks the record, her brand’s perceived value will unquestionably rise, making it more marketable on a worldwide scale.

3. Deals for Endorsements

Hilda can use this current status to propel various side projects centered on “cooking” while riding it.

Going ahead, she won’t have any trouble getting support for any project she starts because major brands want to be associated with a Big Brand like hers.

4. Financial status through social media

Hilda is in a great position to increase her worth on social media, both personally and for her brand.

She is already experiencing tremendous growth across several platforms, and if she wins, that growth might increase even more, increasing her revenue.

5. Untapped Potential/National Treasure

Setting or breaking a World Record elevates a person’s status within his or her country, because she has an untapped potential.

Hilda has already received plaudits for having the guts to try for the record.

Therefore, Hilda Baci is undoubtedly going to become a national treasure if she wins.

Hilda Baci is about to break the Guinness Book of Record for World’s longest cooking marathon and Nigerians are massively rooting for her.

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