Burna Boy: Nigerian Afrobeat Star Rates Ghana Jollof Rice Lowest in Africa

Burna Boy: Nigerian Afrobeat Star Rates Ghana Jollof Rice Lowest in Africa
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Nigerian Afrobeat sensation Burna Boy has finally weighed in on the great jollof rice debate, leaving Ghanaians taken aback as he ranks Ghana Jollof Rice at the bottom of his list.

Afrobeat StarBurna Boy

Burna Boy

During an appearance on the renowned 360 Show with Speedy at Complex HQ, Burna Boy engaged in a lively discussion about African jollof rice while savoring its diverse flavors.

In the course of the show, the Afrofusion icon sampled four distinct variations of jollof rice, each hailing from different African restaurants in NYC.

Burna Boy 360 Show with Speedy

Burna Boy 360 Show with Speedy

Speedy, the host, encouraged Burna Boy to taste each dish to determine the authentic jollof rice.

The viral TikTok video captured the moment Burna Boy sampled the first dish, which he effortlessly identified as Senegal’s jollof rice.

Senegal Jollof Rice

Senegal Jollof Rice

Upon encountering the second dish, Burna Boy openly acknowledged that this version perfectly embodied the real jollof rice.

The host also concurred, noting its delectable taste. Burna Boy‘s exuberant reaction, punctuated by a resounding “woooo,” accompanied his immediate prediction of it being Nigerian jollof rice.

Nigeria Jollof Rice

Nigeria Jollof Rice

However, when the spotlight turned to Ghana Jollof Rice, Burna Boy’s discontent was highly noticeable.

After tasting the third dish, his expressive reactions conveyed a mix of repulsion and incredulity.

He said that no country makes jollof rice this way and that it might have been an error as he pondered why they got Ghanaian jollof rice wrong while laughing in disgust and amazement.

Ghana Jollof Rice

Ghana Jollof Rice

Burna Boy reiterated his stance, firmly placing “Ghana jollof” at the bottom of his list of preferences.

Ghana jollof is bottom of my list” – Burna said repeatedly

As the tasting progressed, Burna Boy encountered a dish that threw him off.

Despite initially believing it to be authentic Ghanaian jollof rice, he admitted his error in judgment.

Burna Boy rates Ghana jollof Rice lowest in Africa

Burna Boy not happy with Ghana jollof Rice 

Amid his baffled exclamation of “this is confusing,” the host intervened to clarify that the dish hailed from a West African Caribbean Fusion restaurant.

However, Burna Boy’s appearance on the show wasn’t limited to jollof rice discourse.

He delved into discussions about his album “I Told Them,” recounting childhood aspirations of becoming a superhero, his role in bridging cultural gaps, and even his ambition to someday hold the office of the President of the United States.

The 360 Show with Speedy stands as a captivating series that offers an in-depth conversation platform with beloved musicians, actors, and celebrities.

Burna Boy and Speedy

Burna Boy and Speedy

Through never-before-shared stories and insights, this show explores the secrets to success within the ever-evolving entertainment industry.

Watch the full video below

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