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How fashion designers impress their customers, challenges they face

In our last episode, we shared customer's attitude a lot of tailors despise, we discussed things customers do that get on their tailor's nerves, how they handle such situations and if all the criticism most fashion designers receive are actually wrong perceptions.

Tara Gold becomes Absolut Vodka Nigeria ambassador

Gorgeous melanin queen and bikini model - Omotara Aduke Gold popularly known as Tara Gold, has just bagged a new endorsement deal with Absolut Vodka Nigeria.

Annoying customer behaviours your Tailor hates

So, as we all know, tailors are also humans, with feelings and emotions running through their vains, but seems a lot of people don't actually care, especially their customers as they've been subjected to a lot of criticisms and mental stress.

COVID-19: How safe are these trendy Ankara face masks?

We are in mid week already, another beautiful Thursday and we've been constantly advised to stay home and stay safe to help curb the spread of coronavirus pandemic.