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Annoying customer behaviours your Tailor hates

So, as we all know, tailors are also humans, with feelings and emotions running through their vains, but seems a lot of people don't actually care, especially their customers as they've been subjected to a lot of criticisms and mental stress.

Fashion trends! Hit or Miss?

Nollywood actress, entrepreneur and C.E.O of the body outfit Onyi Alex is one curvy screen diva who leaves you glued to your t.v screen.

Dahlia’s Wears: The Mermaid dress

In this month's edition of Dahlia's Wears, we present to you a very simple but unique style called the “Mermaid dress”.

Alan’s Cut: Hooded After Dressing Gowns

This week's dresses designs include the Beautifully made London fabric under a see-through chiffon black with cord lace around the edges brilliantly complimenting the dresses.