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Top 5 travel destinations in Nigeria to visit this coming holiday

The holiday season is almost here and is known to be the coldest time of the year, but it is also known as the time to have the most fun, especially since most schools are usually on vacation and a lot of people seems to always take their work leave at this time. However, the excitement of having a perfect Christmas vacation also comes with the burden of choosing a perfect vacation destination. 

Top 5 E-hailing Taxi services in Port Harcourt

Few years ago in Port Harcourt, commuters only relied on rickety blue and white street taxis and buses for transportation in Port Harcourt City.

Rubbing Minds: Should the Federal Government ban Big Brother Naija?

The very popular reality TV show, Big Brother Najia had come under fire recently - While we have some people who enjoy the show, we have others who have condemned it and called for it to be ban from our TV screens again.

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A Nigerian police story

Rubbing minds: Does Office Romance do more harm than good in the workplace?

Love according to Cambridge dictionary is the feeling of liking another adult very much and being romantically and otherwise attracted to them. Love can be found anywhere, it can be love in schools, parties, church, office, etc, but today we will be talking about love found in the office/work environment

Cakes and Cupids – The Perfect Gift of Love

So we all know that cakes are one of the things given to people we love on their special day or special celebrations, but still we don’t know the meaning behind the cake sharing or giving. 

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A short story.

Rubbing Minds: Love marriage Vs arranged marriage

Marriage is a sacred union in many cultures and religion. It is one things that most humans wish for and long to have. But what is the better way of getting married - Is it through a love marriage or an arrange marriage.