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Do you know the Darkness in you?

Darkness in man manifest in various ways and dimensions and you can't be sure to have none except you critically look inward and observe some basics for your life.

Six things to do after a break up

One of the most horrible experience anyone can go through is a relationship breakup, breakup's are terrible experiences and no one wants to go through it.

Relationship: Why breaking up is not the best option

In every relationship, each partner is to be rest assured that challenges are bound to happen whether you expect it or not. But the sad part of this is that we are oftentimes unprepared for the unseen in every relationship.

The Power Of compliments

According to the Oxford dictionary definition, compliment is a polite expression of praise or admiration.  This definition i agree with for the purpose of this article ..

Is Love Enough


A Prayer Partner or A Prayer Point

Some times people feel like they are above this thing called reality but they aren't and they don't want to accept it.

The relationship high road

Now what is a high road? Let me guess, a high way to the grave? Lmao... That was a joke.