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Shocking revelation from deaf six-year-old boy about school of the deaf

One M.s Salamatu Abubakar Maina, a retired caterer and her daughter M.s Hanatu Auba, said to be a cancer doctor at the National Hospital Abuja on Monday, took to Human Rights Radio in Abuja to complain about the school of the deaf in the Capital Territory.

Campus Police: A possibility?

THE NIGERIAN POLICE In the nation like ours (NIGERIA) where Citizens shun the presence of constables often except during an uproar or societal chaos, one can vividly say: that we need them (police) but not strictly for security reasons.

How to save Nigeria from dying – Prof Olaniyi reveals

Prof. Oyinlola Olaniyi, a sitting professor of Economics at the University of Ibadan on Friday revealed the best way to save Nigeria from dying, saying that only quality education offered to its citizens can help save the country.