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Reason Doctors commit suicide – A Doctor narrates his ordeal

“I’m sorry to announce to you, but we lost him” said the doctor. “you people killed him, you people with your incompetence killed my father, useless people calling themselves doctors” the daughter said.

An open Letter to Chimamanda Adiche about Feminism, Egalitarianism

A twitter user, identified as Blessing Abeng (@Ms_Einsteinette), a Brand & Communications Manager, has taken to the social media platform to write an open letter to Chimamanda Adiche about Feminism and Egalitarianism.

love and romance

Rules of good love and romance

What does Rule and Romance mean? A rule is a statement telling people what they should do in order to achieve success or a benefit of some kind.

Lovers are artist

I can say a thousand times over that the right lover is indeed an artist with its own unique touch that no other person can possess.

good girls, bad girls

Bad girls, good girls, who is in charge?

This question has really helped me to talk to people and get their own views on it and I have to say that its not what I actually expected.