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DeepFakes, Facial Recognition Facts and Fears

Another clear case of the law playing catch up to technology,

FaceApp: Fear, uncertainty and doubt

Back in January/February 2017 Wireless Lab created FaceApp and it was launched with multiple features that allows you to alter a picture of yourself. One of this feature was to artificially make a picture of yourself look much older.

Twitter is back up after brief outage

  "Miss us?" Twitter blames 'internal configuration' for today's outage as users were met with error message "Something is technically wrong." 

How to find your lost or stolen iPhone

That dreaded moment you realize you no longer have your phone in your pocket or you cannot remember where you left it or worse you had it stolen is sometimes indescribable. The dissatisfaction and sometimes regret of losing your phone is definitely unbearable.

Is the world ready for the Apple credit card?

With more Questions than answers, Is this a novelty item for apple customers, are perks worth it and is the Africa Market ready for this?

Google’s new gaming platform, STADIA.

Is the death of video gaming consoles finally upon us? Meet Google's STADIA, the next generation gaming platform