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The long sleep to Mars, Human hibernation

Most of us get tired during long journeys and even fall asleep halfway through the trip. Now imagine travelling for 140 million miles in space to Mars.  Sustaining human life during the trip is the problem and the solution, Hibernation!

Meet Hydrogen fuel-cell buses

Hydrogen fuel-cell buses have begun operation in Zhengzhou, Henan province in China.

hotspot wifi

Google launches free Wi-Fi hotspot network in Nigeria

In a move to increase its presence in Africa’s most populous nation, Google on Thursday launched a network of free Wi-Fi hotspots in Nigeria, according to Reuters.

Ways to boost your gaming performance on Android devices

In 2007, when Google decided to launch their Operating System, they made the crucial choice of making it an open source project. They wanted to provide developers more facilities and freedom to create apps, by taking advantage of all the features that Android tools offer.


WhatsApp limits message forwarding to reduce spam and misinformation

In a bid to cut down on the spread of false information and spam, WhatsApp recently added labels that indicate when a message has been forwarded. Now the company is sharpening that strategy by imposing limits on how many groups a message can be sent on to.

Opera Touch

Opera Touch: The new mobile browser

Opera Software announced the release of two new products, a brand new mobile browser called Opera Touch (with iOS due to follow shortly) and a new version of the Opera browser for computers.

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