Nigerian lady cry out to Peter Obi after being denied visa to represent Nigeria

Nigerian lady cry out to Peter Obi after being denied visa to represent Nigeria

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In a devastating turn of events, Chinalurumogu Eze, the talented winner of the 2023 Future Creative Leaders Academy (FCLA) Prize, has been denied a visa by the France Embassy in Abuja.Nigerian lady cry out to Peter Obi after being denied visa to represent Nigeria

Chinalurumogu Eze, also known as Nalu Kings, a third-year student in the Department of Mass Communication at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), was set to represent Nigeria at the prestigious Roger Hatchuel Student Academy (RHSA) during the renowned Cannes Lion Festival in France.

The FCLA Prize is a highly acclaimed award that recognizes emerging creative talent from around the world.

Chinalurumogu’s victory was a testament to her exceptional creativity and dedication.

However, the unexpected denial of her visa has shattered her dreams of showcasing her skills on an international platform.

The Roger Hatchuel Student Academy, which takes place alongside the Cannes Lion Festival, provides an invaluable opportunity for young creatives to learn, network, and gain exposure in the global advertising industry.

Chinalurumogu’s inability to participate in this transformative experience due to visa complications adds to the disappointment surrounding this news.

Expressing her deep disappointment on her social media page, Chinalurumogu said;

It breaks my heart to announce to the general public and to my principal, HE Peter Obi, that the France Embassy in Abuja refused me a visa to travel and represent Nigeria in France. It’s been a crazy and shitty couple of days since the refusal letter.”

The incident raises questions about the difficulties faced by Nigerian young talents in accessing international opportunities.

As Chinalurumogu navigates this setback, her determination and resilience shine through.

She firmly believes that this obstacle will become a stepping stone towards her future success.

Certainly, the future holds more for me, and this is one of the challenges I’ll use to embellish my success story in due time.”

Our hearts go out to Chinalurumogu Eze as she copes with this heartbreaking turn of events.

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