Cristiano Ronaldo Farewell Letter in Pidgin

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All the time wey I ball for Real Madrid and all the time wey I base for this Madrid, Na’im don sweet me pass any other caban wey I been don stay for my life.Ronaldo


Na only tuale wey come from the deepest part of my heart na’im I get for this club, their fans and the city. Because of the love wey sweet pass Nollywood own wey dem show me, na wetin make me throw dem this kyn tuale.

The koko of the matter be sey, e hit me for mind sey time don reach for me to open new chapter for my life. Na why I been ask my ogas at the top for Madrid make them allow me shift base. E sure me die say Na wetin I need at this time, na why I dey beg everybody, especially Madrid fans, make dey understand how this thing dey do me for body.

I don gather 9 years wey sweet my belle well well for this place. Nine years wey I gather accolades sotey accolades begin gather me. But e get as this nine years been wan weigh me eeeh. Because of how Madrid fans sabi ginger and dey quick vex any time you no deliver small. But that one no come mean say I go come forget how I take jollificate for ball well well here.

I share this Real Madrid pitch and the place wey we dey change jersey with my very good paddi paddies, my cartels and my niggas wey sabi ball well.

The fans show me better love and na wetin help us win that back to back Champions League trophies and four Champions League trophies in five years.

Apart from these cups wey we win, another thing wey sweet my belle Na the awards wey this club help me win.

Four Balon D’or awards and three Golden boot awards, the thing scatter my head. I nogo fit compare wetin I don gain for this club with any other thing.

Real Madrid don steal my heart kpatakpata. Soteyy dem steal my family members and my paddies own join oh. Na why I wan thank them well well. I wan throw the club better tuale, the club Presido, the other ogas at the top for Spain, my men dem, my coachies dem, my doctors, my physios and other people wey dey walk for this club — as I no fit mention all, una do well, no be chaiss.

Make una know say I don weigh this decision wey I take well well, and just because I dey comot no mean say I nogo ever support this club again. Anywhere I go, I go follow una dey gyrate anytime una dey play.

Una do well, and just as I been yarn 9 years ago, wen una sign me, Na so I wan yarn now as I dey Comot; HALA MADRID!


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