David Luiz, Rudiger unveil new Chelsea handshake

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Two Chelsea defenders, David Luiz and Antonio Rudiger have decided to unveil the Blues’ handshake for 2018/2019 season.

The handshake was officially unveiled during their International Champions Cup game against Inter Milan on Saturday when Sarri substituted Luiz for Rudiger.

No one knows how long David Luiz and Antonio Rudiger spent rehearsing this special handshake, but it looks like the Blues have a latent craze quietly waiting to take off at Chelsea this season.

Players being players, in any sport, they happily cultivate greetings that nobody else has. It’s an subconscious way of team building, of creating an identity and cultivating team spirit, and making their group different to the rest.

Without further ado, behold the majesty, the new handshake.

As for it being a latent craze, if Sarri-ball takes off and Chelsea start winning trophies, this thing will be copied faster than Paul Pogba’s “Dab”.

So, what do we call this sort of handshake ??

Vib this
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