'Nothing spoil’ - Davido Reacts to Ay's Apology After his Offensive Joke

‘Nothing spoil’ – Davido Reacts to Ay’s Apology After his Offensive Joke

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Popular Nigerian-American singer-songwriter, David Adedeji Adeleke, also known as Davido has broken his silence and reacts to AY Comedian’s heartfelt apology.

'Nothing spoil’ - Davido Reacts to Ay's Apology After his Offensive Joke

For those who might have missed it, Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun, also known as AY Comedian, recently stirred up controversy with a rather insensitive joke about Davido’s manhood.

While on stage, AY joked about how Davido had been fathering children, while he himself hadn’t been able to do so for 13 years.

Unsurprisingly, this sparked a massive backlash and criticism from fans and fellow celebrities alike.

However, AY Comedian took to his Instagram page last Sunday to extend a sincere apology, tagging Davido in the post.

In his apology, AY expressed his regret for telling a joke in Warri that didn’t come across as funny and may have offended people.

He also expressed understanding of people’s anger due to how the joke was portrayed in blogs.

“I am so sorry for telling that joke the way it came out in Warri. I shouldn’t even call it a joke anymore. It wasn’t funny like it was during my tour of US and Canada, and you have every right to be angry after seeing how the blogs used it,” he said

AY said claimed that it is always a learning experience for him in the entertainment industry, admitting that he deserves any backlash or negative thoughts coming his way

However, he acknowledged that there are no excuses at all and emphasized that he remains Davido’s number one fan.

“Please know that it is always a learning experience for all of us in the entertainment business. I deserve any backlash or negative thoughts coming my way for the joke that was badly delivered in Warri. So, no excuses at all, my Aburo. No reason am. I remain your number one fan, and I love you, Davido.”

In response, Davido, known for his easygoing nature, accepted AY’s apology graciously, saying, “Nothing spoil, baba mi.”

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