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Dumping waste on road raises outrage as Bayelsa communities protest

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The Ijaw Youth Council (lYC) and the Movement for the Survival of the Ijaw Ethnic Nationality in the Niger Delta (MOSIEND) have expressed their displeasure over the dumping of waste on the road that connects Gbarain towns to Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State.Dumping waste on road raises outrage as Bayelsa communities protest

Hitvibz learned that the road built by Shell Petroleum and Development Company (SPDC) has been functioning as an access road to Yenagoa through the Etegwe-Amassoma Expressway for settlements such as Nedugo, Agbia, Ogboloma, Okolobiri, and others.

Shell developed the road decades ago to connect their Etelebu Gas Plant, which is located behind the Ogboloma village, and it has since served as a vital access road to neighboring settlements.

However, a visit to the route revealed that it had been obstructed by heaps of rubbish purportedly put by state-hired refuse evacuators.

Tolu Amatu, the Chairman of the Bayelsa State Environmental Sanitation Authority, had tried unsuccessfully to stop the dumping of garbage at the location because he was concerned about the blockage.

Locals say the road is important because it saves those traveling from Yenagoa the stress of having to turn around on the LNG-Obunagha road before reaching the Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri, particularly in event of an emergency.

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