EA Sports unveils FIFA 19 with Champions League

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FIFA have finally revealed all the details about FIFA 19 including cover star Cristiano Ronaldo at the official EA Sports unveiling event with a live broadcast that fans will be able to follow on June 9 in Los Angeles.

Just months on from the release of FIFA 18, fans are already looking for details on EA Sports’ next football game with the next announcement having just been released with Cristiano Ronaldo featuring as the new cover star for a second year in a row.

Release Date??

There had been talk that there might not even be a FIFA 19 release, with EA Sports chief executive Andrew Wilson stating in a recent interview with Bloomberg that the title could move to a Netflix-style subscription service.

But FIFA have just announced that the game will be released globally September 28 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the trailer with Champions League

Fans of FIFA were able to get a first glance at this year’s release at the EA Play event held on Saturday June 9.

The new trailer for FIFA 19 features an opening narration by cover star Ronaldo detailing his hopes of becoming a “champion” in football, following him on the path to his third victorious Champions League trophy. Fans will also be treated to a FIFA rendering of his classic overhead kick fired against Juventus in the quarter-final of the competition earlier this year.

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar also makes an appearance, as well as Paulo Dybala of Juventus and several Manchester City stars.

How much will it cost?

The new release will likely cost around the same as FIFA 18, with prices starting from around £49.99 ($69.99) for the standard edition across all platforms.

The special editions cost are expected to cost up to £80-90 ($110-125). Last year the ‘Icon Edition’ allowed gamers who splashed out £89.99 to play the title three days earlier than everyone else.

Gamers who spend extra on special editions usually get extra FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) player packs to bolster their new team on the popular game mode.

What format will it be available on?

FIFA 19 will be available on all the big platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. And after the continued success of the Switch, expect to see Nintendo in on the action again for the new instalment.

Additionally, 2017 might have marked the final releases on the old-gen consoles. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users may have to buy a new machine in 2018 if they want to enjoy the new game, although nothing is confirmed as things stand.

New Leagues to expect?

After nearly a decade of jockeying, EA Sports have finally secured the rights to the UEFA Champions League, with the cherished competition set to be carefully integrated throughout FIFA 19.

Scheduled for global release on September 28, FIFA 19 won’t simply add the Champions League trophy to its cabinet, instead re-turfing the whole pitch to ensure the tournament is woven thoughtfully throughout the whole game.

From Ultimate Team to Journey, the Champions League will be front and centre of FIFA 19 and as executive producer Aaron McHardy explains it’s an addition many years in the making.

“This has been one of the most requested features from our players for over a decade, and for us the Champions League is so much more than a licence. We’ve been working really hard to integrate the experience across the game in FIFA 19 and I don’t say that lightly. We didn’t want to just bring in the licence teams so you can play with them in the right context, we really wanted to go over and beyond and add Champions League elements to every place we could in FIFA 19. It’s been a whole lot of work and it’s not just a coat of paint. It’s really integrating meaningful features around the Champions League. We moved a lot of dirt bringing it to life,” McHardy told Goal.

Features to expect??

We’re very likely to see a return of hugely-popular mode The Journey, which would make its third appearance in a row if confirmed. Why mess with a winning formula?

Similarly popular is FUT, where gamers can pay real cash to open packs that contain players that will contribute to the improvement of squads. Again, it would be strange to get rid of such a lucrative feature.

It’s not concrete yet, but ‘dynamic weather’ could finally make an appearance in FIFA 19. The introduction of ever-changing conditions could alter the momentum of games, with elements like rain and snow likely to cause players to make mistakes and pick up injuries.

What people really want to see, however, is an improvement in server performance – even real life teams’ eSports gamers such as New York Red Bull’s Mike LaBelle have made their frustrations known.

Since the release of FIFA 18, the gaming community have grumbled that the servers are too unstable, causing disconnections midway through games that result in a DNF (did not finish) modifier, which affects rewards from future matches.

Source: goal.com

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