eNaira: All you need to know, how to register

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The Central Bank of Nigeria has introduced a new digital currency – eNaira. It is a unique form of money that will serve as another medium of exchange and a store of value just like the existing Naira notes.How to register, fund eNaira wallet

It shall be exchanged on a digital platform through the creation of Wallets for Individuals and Merchants. The eNaira has the same status with Nigeria existing Naira and has the same value.

The eNaira wallets (Speed Wallet) allows you to transfer, receive and spend eNaira using the Speed Wallet App, which will be available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.How to register, fund eNaira Speed Wallet

All consumers shall be allowed to move money between their existing accounts and their respective eWallets and vice versa.

You will be able to fund your eNaira wallet using various Bank Internet Banking portal, the Bank Mobile Apps and by visiting any of their branches nationwide.

Getting Started

1. Download the eNaira wallet (Speed Wallet) from the app store.

2. Select your prefered Bank from the list of banks displayed.eNaira

3. Authenticate your registration using the following Bank details – BVN, date of birth, email and password.eNaira

Please ensure you register with the details tied to your BVN.


Bank will not contact you either by phone or email to request for your eNaira Wallet details, BVN or any other Banking detail.

The creation of an eWallet is solely at the discretion of individual customers.

It can be done by physical visit to Bank branch or by downloading the App from the respective online stores.


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