God was behind our victory in 2023 Elections – Governor Fubara

God was behind our victory in 2023 Elections – Governor Fubara
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Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara, has attributed his victory in the face of fierce opposition during the 2023 Elections that led to his emergence as governor to the grace of God.God was behind our victory in 2023 Elections – Governor Fubara

Governor Fubara expressed his gratitude during a family thanksgiving service held in honor of his predecessor, Chief Nyesom Wike, at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Rumuepirikom Deanery, Diocese of Niger Delta North.

As a member of Chief Nyesom Wike’s political family, Governor Fubara acknowledged the challenging political battle they faced, which aimed to hinder the smooth transition process.

However, he highlighted that the unwavering culture of regular thanksgiving to God displayed by Chief Wike played a significant role in their numerous victories.

Governor Fubara emphasized that Chief Wike’s renewed commitment to expressing gratitude to God after completing a successful eight-year tenure as governor will contribute to the continuous growth and strength of the former first family of Rivers State.

During his address, Chief Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the former governor, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to God for granting him and the state a seamless political transition, despite encountering treachery from individuals who had previously vowed to honor the collective decision of the Rivers State elders regarding his successor.

The former governor reflected on the peace he currently enjoys, attributing it to the emergence of the right successor and considering it one of the many electoral victories that God has used to demonstrate His unwavering support for him and his faithful political team.

By acknowledging the divine guidance and expressing gratitude for their political victories, both Governor Fubara and Chief Wike recognize the importance of faith and perseverance in overcoming challenges and leading the people of Rivers State towards a prosperous future.

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