20 facts about Hilda Baci and her Guinness World Record Marathon Cooking

20 facts about Hilda Baci and her Guinness World Record Marathon Cooking
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Meet Hilda Baci, the Nigerian Chef attempting to break the Guinness World Record for longest Marathon Cooking, tagged “Cook-a-thon”.20 facts about Hilda Baci and her Guinness World Record Marathon Cooking

For someone who has been standing for hours, Hilda Baci has been cooking for more than 77 hours and counting, before publishing this write up.

We live in a world where women tend to underestimate what they can do or achieve in life. This has to change.” – she said.

The following 20 facts about Hilda Baci and her Guinness World Record marathon cooking are important to know.

1. Hilda Bassey Effiong is her true name. She is a young cook from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. She is the business’s owner of the “My Food by Hilda” food company in Lagos.

2. She’ll be cooking nonstop for four days.

3. She is not allowed to sit down while cooking; she must stand.

4. She is not permitted to consume caffeine, stimulants, or any type of energy beverage while cooking to deliberately boost her energy and physical strength.

5. She is permitted to consume food, water, or fruit juice, as well as glucose.

6. The cooking is happening at Amore Gardens in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

7. She’s not expected to sleep and will be cooking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She won’t sleep, then, for four nights.

8. She is only permitted to take 5 minutes of rest every hour, which translates to a 12-hour respite as 5 minutes of relaxation for every hour.

Various sources asserted that every six hours, she has a 30-minute break, which she spends in a nearby medical van where she can rest, use the restroom, and receive a physical examination from the on-site medical staff.

9. She shares whatever she cooks for free with everyone present. The meal is not being sold by her.

10. She prepares many meals at once. She is free to prepare any kind of meal she wants. There are no limitations on what she can or cannot prepare.

Not what is cooked, but how quickly it is done that is the subject of the World Record. She is on track as long as she is preparing meals.

11. Each meal prepared and each plate served is documented.

By the time you read this, she will have prepared over 115 meals with at least 3,000 servings.

12. She began the cooking on Thursday and is anticipated to finish by the evening of Monday, May 15, 2023.

13. An Indian chef named Lata Tandon currently holds the record Hilda is attempting to break after she established a Guinness World Record in 2019 for continuously cooking for 87 hours and 45 minutes.

14. Hilda Baci is hoping to break the record by cooking for 96 hours, using an additional 9 hours to become the first person to spend that much time cooking in one marathon.

15. She gave the culinary effort the hashtag “Cook-a-thon,” which is a play on the term “marathon.”

16. She seems fatigued already, but many around her are encouraging her to keep going to keep her spirits up. And even at night, they are prepared to cook alongside her, 24 hours a day.

17. Her supporters contributed the majority of the food supplies, materials, utensils, etc. she used for her project. Therefore, Hilda or her food brand did not provide all of the funding for this initiative.

18. One of her partners, Uber, is providing a 40% off trip to the event for anyone who wants to come and support her there.

19. Hilda’s mother is a cook as well. She owns a food company “Calabar Pot”.

20. Hilda Baci is 27 years old.

Her commitment, love for cooking, and desire to promote the nation’s rich culture by showcasing not only Nigerian’s cuisine but also the spirit of teamwork, tenacity, and perseverance that has come to be known as the Nigerian character are very impressive.

Nigerians are delighted that Hilda is making a name for herself with this adventure, and they have been avidly following the developments and anticipating the outcome.

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