Innoson Unveils Game-Changing 7-Seater Keke Bus: Style, Space & Comfort Collide

Innoson Unveils Game-Changing IVM 7-Seater Shuttle Bus
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Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing (IVM), a leading Nigerian automaker, has unveiled its latest innovation: the IVM 7-Seater Shuttle Bus, a stylish and versatile mini-van poised to revolutionise transportation.

Innoson 7-Seater Bus

Combining the practicality of a shuttle with the comfort of an MPV, this dynamic vehicle caters to individuals, families, businesses, and organisations as well, Hitvibz reports.

More Than Just Shuttle Bus:

The IVM Shuttle 7-Seater transcends the traditional Keke concept.

Its spacious three-row interior comfortably seats seven passengers, offering ample legroom and headroom for a stress-free journey.

The high seating position provides excellent visibility, while the generous cargo space accommodates luggage, shopping bags, or business essentials with ease.

inside of IVM 7-Seater Shuttle

Designed for modernity:

Innoson hasn’t compromised on style. The 7-Seater boasts a sleek and contemporary design, featuring crystal headlamps, five-spoke alloy rims, and chrome accents.

The multimedia system keeps passengers entertained, while the energy-absorbing bumper and theft-deterrent features prioritise safety.

Ideal for diverse needs:

The IVM Shuttle 7-Seater’s versatility shines through its adaptability. Available in standard and ambulance variants, it caters to various needs.

IVM Shuttle Bus

The Standard version is perfect for families, ride-hailing services, and small businesses, while the Ambulance variant serves medical emergencies efficiently.

A Bold Step Forward:

With the 7-seater bus, Innoson sets a new benchmark for innovation and practicality in the Nigerian automotive landscape.

Innoson Unveils Game-Changing IVM 7-Seater Shuttle Bus

This game-changing vehicle offers an unmatched blend of style, comfort, functionality, and affordability, making it a compelling choice for both personal and commercial use.

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