New Album: Keybone Drops ‘Going Pro, Volume 2’ – Lyrical Masterpiece in Hip-Hop

Keybone Drops 'Going Pro, Volume 2'
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Nigerian hip-hop sensation, Keybone, has dropped his highly awaited album, “Going Pro, Volume 2”.Keybone Drops 'Going Pro, Volume 2'

This latest release from the immensely talented rapper features a collection of 12 compelling tracks, revealing Keybone’s remarkable skill in crafting meaningful lyrics and powerful storytelling through his music.

This album follows the success of its predecessor, “Going Pro, Volume 1”, which received widespread acclaim in Nigeria and globally.

The positive reception fueled the creation of this second installment, Hitvibz reports

“Going Pro, Volume 2” delves into a diverse range of societal issues and personal narratives, offering listeners a profound and introspective musical experience.

In this latest volume, Keybone demonstrates his lyrical finesse and storytelling prowess, guiding audiences through a musical journey that tackles social challenges and intimate experiences. Keybone personally produced all tracks except “Naughty Girl”, which was crafted by Dr Jazz.

Early reviews from both fans and critics have hailed the rapper’s exceptional storytelling abilities and the album’s eclectic sound.

Listen Listen to the New Album HERE

This release solidifies Keybone’s position as a trailblazing force in the music industry.

Keybone reaffirms his standing as an extraordinary figure in Nigerian, African, and global hip-hop with “Going Pro, Volume 2”. Enthusiasts of hip-hop and quality music are urged to explore this groundbreaking album.

Experience “Going Pro, Volume 2” by Keybone, available for download or streaming on leading platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more from November 10, 2023.

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