Organised Labour Opposes Provocative 114 percent Salary Increase for Politicians

Organised Labour Opposes Provocative 114% Salary Increase for Politicians
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In a bold move, Organised Labour has expressed strong opposition to the proposed 114% salary increase for politicians and judicial officeholders in Nigeria.Organised Labour Opposes Provocative 114% Salary Increase for Politicians

Citing the prevailing economic hardships faced by the Nigerian people since the removal of petrol subsidy, labour unions deem the recommended salary review as highly provocative.

The Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation, and Fiscal Commission, responsible for overseeing the remuneration of public officeholders, recently put forth a proposal to raise the basic salaries of political and judicial officeholders.

However, this move necessitates legislative approval from the national and state assemblies before it can be implemented.

According to the Commission, the last salary review took place in 2007, leading to the enactment of the 2008 Act on the Remuneration of Political Office Holders.

In light of this, the Commission argues that the consumer price index for selected commodities has witnessed an average growth of 371% between 2008 and 2022.

Consequently, they propose a substantial 114% increase in the current annual basic salaries of all categories of political, public, and judicial officeholders.

Responding to the proposed salary review, Tommy Etim, the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) Vice President, emphasized the TUC’s longstanding call for a reduction in the overall cost of governance.

Etim warned that if the commission moves forward with the salary increase, Organised Labour will leverage the opportunity to advocate for additional allowances to benefit the Nigerian people.

The statement from Organised Labour underscores the prevailing discontent among Nigerians, who have been grappling with the impact of the removal of petrol subsidy on their daily lives.

The proposal for a significant salary hike for political and judicial officeholders is viewed as a stark contrast to the realities faced by the majority of citizens.

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