Man Reveals Why Nigerian Men Are Scared To Marry

Man Reveals Why Nigerian Men Are Scared To Marry
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In a recent tweet, one Uncle Sola, a prominent figure on X platform, has unveiled a groundbreaking revelation about the reasons why Nigerian men are increasingly reluctant and scared to marry.Man Reveals Why Nigerian Men Are Scared To Marry

He claimed that the reason most men don’t want to tie the knot yet is not because of low salary, but a lack of faith in the current crop of Christians, Hitvibz reports

The Wisdom Behind the Revelation:

Education, Vision, and Love Triumph Over Material Wealth: Uncle Sola’s love story paints a vivid picture of true commitment.

He and his wife started their journey with zero money and no car, but what set them apart was their unwavering faith in God, shared education, vision, and deep love for one another.

The Power of Faith and Prayer:

The couple’s secret weapon? Travailing prayers that came before the toils of hard work.

Their unshakable belief in God’s promises and the absence of doubt in the future they envisioned set them on an extraordinary path to success.

Standing on God’s Infallible Word:

Uncle Sola’s resolute faith in God’s word left no room for failure. Their remarkable story is a testament to the enduring power of faith in an uncertain world.

Marriage Qualifications in Question:

Uncle Sola boldly states that the current crop of Christians may be lacking the faith that once held the institution of marriage together.

He highlights that worldly parameters are now being used to determine one’s suitability for marriage, a departure from the strong faith-based foundations of the past.

Salary Not the Culprit:

Uncle Sola emphatically contends that it’s not low income that’s keeping Nigerian men from the altar.

Instead, it’s the fading faith in Christian teachings that’s reshaping the landscape of matrimony in the country.

The Ripple Effect:

Regardless of one’s opinion on Sola’s tweet, there is no doubt that the issue of marriage is a complex one, and there is no single answer to why Nigerian men are scared to marry.

However, Sola’s tweet does raise some important questions about the role of faith in marriage and the current state of Christianity in Nigeria.

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