Man runs to bank to secure account after receiving hack alert from google

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So a man reportedly received alert from google after an unknown hacker tried to forcefully have access to his gmail, the next thing in his mind was the entire money in his bank account.

Apparently, he was thinking its bank alert and so, he decided its wise to rush down to the bank to secure his money. Lol… Hope you are not laughing too?

According to the daughter who shared the story on twitter, she tried to explain to his father that it’s not his bank account but it all fell on “I must save my account” ear.

Well, the tweet reads;

“Google sent my dad an email that someone tried to hack into his gmail account. I’ve been trying to explain to him that it’s not his bank account. He’s going to the bank tomorrow to secure the acc. Lol. All the best to the customer care operative that handles this.”

However, the young lady later noted that she was able to convince him after an hour.

“Okay guys. I’ve successfully explained it to him… after an hour. He’s gets it now. Thanks thanks thanks to those who dm’ed me with their best explanations,” she tweeted.

There is need to enlighten most of our analog parents though.

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