Marnz Malone Drops ‘Ball 4 U’ Video Ahead of ‘Tina’s Boy’

Birmingham Rapper Marnz Malone Announces New Project “Tina’s Boy” and Unveils Emotional Video “Ball 4 U”

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Infamous Birmingham rapper Marnz Malone is making his voice heard, announcing his upcoming project “Tina’s Boy,” set for release on February 9th.Marnz Malone Drops ‘Ball 4 U’ Video Ahead of ‘Tina’s  Boy’

To mark the occasion, he’s dropped the official video for “Ball 4 U,” a heartfelt track from his previous project, “Maktub.”

“Ball 4 U” is a deeply personal song dedicated to a friend who passed away before turning 18.

Stream + Listen to the song HERE

Malone pours his emotions into the lyrics, assuring his friend and his family that their bond remains strong despite the loss.

The video amplifies the sentimentality, showcasing a vulnerable side of the rapper rarely seen before.

Watch the full visual here

This introspective glimpse adds another layer to Malone’s already unique UK rap style, known for its intricate wordplay and smooth flow.

The rising star’s new project, “Tina’s Boy,” marks his third full-length release and promises to be a powerful journey into his world.

With 14 tracks, the album delves into various themes, including self-reflection in “Tina’s Son,” a glimpse into the realities of his life ft. Potter Payper in “Went To War,” and much more.

Each song promises to be a tapestry of storytelling and life lessons, offering listeners a chance to connect with Malone’s experiences and emotions.

While you wait for “Tina’s Boy” to drop next week, get a taste of Malone’s artistry with the captivating “Ball 4 U” video.

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