Meet ESQ, the extra-ordinary singer and 'Tango' crooner

Meet ESQ, the extra-ordinary singer and ‘Tango’ crooner

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ESQ – Tango: One thing is for sure, talent is everywhere. You can literally walk down the streets, put up a sign for singers and in no time, you’d have a handful of amazing singers auditioning for the position and offer you have to give.Meet ESQ, the extra-ordinary singer and 'Tango' crooner

But, to find a complete package, you’d have to dig deeper. Real name, Adeyemi Gbolahan better known as ESQ is a singer and songwriter who checks all the box of being a complete package.

After winning the top artiste position on the TAG’s #BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist in February, we decided to have an Exclusive interview with him here on Hitvibz.

ESQ takes us deep into his beginnings, Music, aspirations and everything in between. Here you go:

Welcome, ESQ. How you doing?

I’m fine. Thank you for this opportunity.

You are welcome. So before we kick start, what’s your Real name!?

Well, my name is Adeyemi Gbolahan.

Oh! that’s good. so how come ESQ? what does the name mean?

Well, it’s just like an abbreviation. you know, ESQ means Extra-ordinary Sounds Quantified. Yeah.

Imagine, no one would have ever guessed that. that’s brilliant.

Thank you.

So tell us a little about your beginnings. you know, Education and how you started music?

Actually I’m an undergraduate of Tai Solarin University. it’s located in Ogun state, Nigeria. I’m currently studying Computer science.. So far it’s been fun and I’ve been doing my thing.

As regards my music, I’d say.. I’ve always loved music. Music has been my number one thing from onset.

Followed by Football, then writing.. Cos I used to write for websites, album reviews and all.

But music is the thing. Although, I don’t know how to play instruments yet, but I know I’ve what it takes and I’m growing at a fast rate.

Okay! so when did you start music officially?

Last year. Yes. it was during Asuu strike, that was like around July 2022. I started recording with my producer, did lots of songs and I got into it fully.

I dropped my debut For Life, July 21. Then now, followed it up with “Tango”.

Amazing. I mean, looking at your are doing well for yourself as an independent artiste. or are you signed?

No, not at all. I’m currently an independent artiste. doing my bits. Singing about what I feel, the situations I’m in and all.

That is a two question answer. Thank you. Now, we don’t need to ask you where your inspirations come from.

Oh yeah!!

You have two singles out and listening to them, it’s safe to classify them as Afro- Pop. is that your sole genre? or what genres do you do?

[Smiles] See, I honestly can’t box my genre of music because I can literally do series of genres of music. From Afro pop to Afro beats..

Also, the UK grime and drill Cuz I grew up listening to alot of those too.

So, I’ll just say I do Music. wherever the inspiration takes me to, I follow it.

Brilliant!! Let’s talk about your hit single “Tango”. how did it happened? Take us through your process.Meet ESQ, the extra-ordinary singer and 'Tango' crooner

First, when I go to the studio, most times..I don’t have any lyrics in my head. I work hand in hand with my producer.

Sometimes, I even partake in the process of the beat…like add this, tweak this.. you get! So when it’s all good, I bop to the beat and put lyrics to it and if it rhymes and is good, we work on it.

“Tango” was released two months ago, January 27.. and from that moment, the love has been massive.

So far, it’s my best song out and I’m grateful to my fans streaming and sharing my music to the world. Even getting on this platform is a big one..

The Artiste Guide (TAG) #BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist is really a good push for emerging acts like me. so yeah, it’s awesome.

Honestly, Tango is a jam. we are expecting more songs from you.

Thank you. I really appreciate it. very soon, I’m giving you all new music.

Well, we are definitely looking forward to that. Let’s go further, where do you draw your inspirations from? who are the stars you are looking to work with?

Yeah, I draw alot of inspirations from Wizkid, Jhus, Burna boy, Buju….and yeah, Omah Lay…these are people I like alot and they inspire me.

And about those I’d like to work with, well.. definitely the top guns, stars.. you know, anyone who can add value to what I’m doing. I know that takes time, but one day..I know it will happen.

And that one day can come anytime. ESQ, the Tango man!! Lol.

Smiles. Lol, yeah.

With the progress you’re making right now, your fans would like to know, what’s next with you? any projects coming? and also where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

New single. then I might follow up with an EP to test the waters and see how it goes. I’m positive. one step at a time.

In 5 years? I see myself much bigger, better and more experienced… musically.

And so shall it be for you.


Wrapping it up, if you’re to advise aspiring Artistes like you out there, what would you tell them?

Lol, me too I’m still aspiring you know. so, I also need the advises. But then, Hardwork pays. Hardwork, dedication and prayer. You have to really love the music if you really want to go somewhere. so yeah.

ESQ, thank you for your time.

My pleasure. thank you too.

Listen to TANGO by ESQ HERE and drop him a comment:

To stay updated with ESQ as he ascends on his Musical journey, you can follow him on socials here:



Interviewed by Keji Smallz
Instagram: @Kejismallz
(For The Artiste Guide)
Collated by Daniel Scott Eleh.
(HEAD, The Artiste Guide (TAG))

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