Meet Jayfred, the beat wizard, hitmaker and more

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I didn’t intend to meet him but I had to. I had an artiste who wanted me to work with one of the best producers on the mainland Lagos, “Baba I need to record sharpaly…abeg the producer gas sabi o” the artiste said.Jayfred, the beat wizard, hitmaker and more

So I put calls out and repeatedly everyone was directing me to one person, the BEAT WIZARD himself. “What’s his name?” JAYFRED.

Now at that time, I didn’t know much about him. So I picked my phone and googled him.. Lo and behold, this is the guy for the job. In a couple of minutes, I was on my way to his studio to meet him.

Ajayi Fredrick popularly known as Jayfred is a multi talented musicologist, record producer and artiste with an undying passion for music. He’s not only rising to the top fast, he is doing it at his own pace without comprising his integrity and values.

How it all started

“Well I was 17-18 back then in church, you know I started with piano.. I just realized I love instruments so much.. so I mastered the craft..then I moved to Bass/acoustic guitar, to sax.. you know, I kept growing” Jayfred explains in a voice note.

Truth is, music as a way of finding it’s victors, for Jayfred, it started with his obsessive love for instruments. His journey to becoming one of the most sort after producer isn’t a typical one but it artistically inspires the minds of creatives.

Still on the question, he continued, “So around 2015, I just had this idea that I can actually put all this skills of mine together and make music… as in, make them into a sound for music…It was then I realised I had to learn music production”.

The journey to Production

Millions of producers in Nigeria learnt from an established producer when they started their journey, JAYFRED the beat wizard was an exception to the rule. “I just started learning on my own, I never really had anyone to teach me… So I made use of YouTube…kept learning & learning” he explained.

“So for like 2015 to 2017, I was just making beats upon beats, then after sometime people started commending my jobs..

One day, a guy told me he liked an instrumental I made and pleaded to have it. I gave it to him and in few days, he came back with his music…I was like WOW!!!, So people can jump on my music like this? From then, I just went deeper” he explained.

The story as always been the same for winners. Consistency and perseverance as always been the bagpack to winning.

Working with Giants and evolving

Ajayi Frederick, the yoruba boy who purely loves music and it’s instruments as now evolved to Jayfred, the beat wizard who works with industry giants, churning out hits to elevate their artistic careers.

It’s noteworthy to know that Jayfred was part of the production of the smash hit single titled “Maserati” by Olakira. A song that has gathered tens of millions of streams on all digital platforms. In a bid to know more, I asked him.

Who else have you worked with in the industry? “Ah they are many o, I have worked with alot of Artistes. I have worked with Ceeza Milli, starboy Terri, Lyta, Skales, Olakira,…my brothers, BhadBoi OML & Ramadel..I even recorded Wizkid on a project…many of them, Victor AD and co” he replied.

The energy I got from listening to his recorded voice alignes with the energy he had in the studio when I met him some months back.

This must be one of the reason they call him the Beat wizard? I nodded in affirmation.

Production and it’s Embarrassing moments

Every glory that shines comes with a story. Most times, the stories comes with its own emotional baggage. When asked about the embarrassing moments of being a record producer, he paused and replied “the embarrassing moments for me as been somehow you know… you know I told you I was growing back then..Jayfred, the beat wizard, hitmaker and more

So sometimes, I’d meet artiste who wear already familiar with popular sounds and when I give them my sound, they just bullshit it” holding a strain In his voice, he continued. ” To be honest, that time, I never reach…I was evolving… transitioning to being better… Other times it’s when i make beat for artistes and they go to a bigger producer to remake it…those were really painful back then” he explained.

The challenges that comes on the journey to success isn’t compared to the fortune the success would bring when it arrives. I thought this to myself.

Personal Life

JAYFRED hails from kwara state, was born in Kano and bred in Lagos State. It’s safe to describe him as a calm dude who spends most of his time making music that will touch the world.

But then, he’s a young man making waves in the industry, certainly there would be distractions right? “Boss I’m all about my music for now, I’m actually single and I’m looking forward to settling down at the right time. I believe with time everything will set in it’s rightful place” he answered.

Next projects and what is to come

All creatives blessed with a foresight knows enough not to rest on their laurels, they keep pushing ahead for more. JAYFRED made it known that for the remaining of the year 2021, he’s pushing himself to develop more in singing and he’s open to been featured on songs.Jayfred, the beat wizard, hitmaker and more

“For now, I’m open to featuring from artistes. You know, me sef dey try, even as a producer, I dey drop some bars… I want to push myself more in that direction…. And also, I might drop an EP next year”.

Listen to JAYFRED, reach him and more

As Jayfred continues to ascend in the Nigerian music scene, it’s clear from his words that he wants to stay in close touch with his fans, friends, family and business associates. You can listen to JAYFRED the beat wizard here:

JAYFREDFortunate (feat BhadBoi OML)

JAYFRED: Temptation (feat Ramadel & OML)

You can follow and connect with Jayfred on Instagram: HERE

And for enquiries and bookings: WhatsApp him on 

? +234 809 143 1497

Written by Daniel Scott Eleh

Head, Raymist Management Company.

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