New Music: Rema drop two new singles, ‘Holiday’ and ‘Reason You’

New Music: Rema drops two new singles, 'Holiday' and 'Reason You'
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Nigerian Afrobeat and Afrorave musician – Rema has released two brand-new songs titled ‘Holiday’ and ‘Reason You.’New Music: Rema drops two new singles, 'Holiday' and 'Reason You'

Immediately following his outstanding performance on the featured song, “Mercedes,” by the Senegalese musician Samba Peuzzi. As usual, Rema provides his audience with banger singles.

Rema, a global superstar from Nigeria, is back in action in 2023 with the delivery of his first release of the year.

Rema appears to have a thing with February because it was in February of last year that he released the international hit song “Calm Down.”

Artist Name: Rema
Track Title: Reason You and Holiday
Recorded: 2023 Music
Genre: Afrobeats
Country: Nigeria
Category: Entertainment

In his most recent songs, “Holiday” and “Reason You,” the singer and songwriter is followed the same pattern.

Another amazing song from Rema, a multi-award-winning Nigerian diva, is “Reason You.”

The renowned record producer Blaise Beatz produced the song “Holiday,” and the Belgian beatmaker Alex Lustig produced “Reason You.”

Both songs mark the first major recordings from Rema since he and American pop culture superstar Selena Gomez unleashed the record-breaking global blockbuster “Calm Down Remix.”

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