Nigerian singer Opens Up About Battling Depression and Football Dreams Ruined by NFF Officials

Nigerian Singer Battled with Depression and Ruined Football Dreams
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In a candid and heart-to-heart conversation with Cool FM in Lagos, popular Nigerian singer and songwriter, Charles Chibuezechukwu, better known as Crayon, shed light on a difficult period in his life when he grappled with depression due to academic and football dreams setbacks by NFF Officials.Nigerian Singer Battled with Depression and Ruined Football Dreams

Popular Musician Reveals Struggles with University Admission and Football Career Setbacks Leading to Depression

The artist, famous for his chart-topping hits, shared the emotional journey he faced in 2015 when his dreams of pursuing higher education and a promising football career were shattered.

In the interview, Crayon candidly revealed;

I became depressed in 2015 because I couldn’t get into the university. All my friends were in school. At that time, I was really close to my friends. I was the youngest among my friends. Every time they were around, it was always fun. Then they all got admitted to universities in Ghana, Benin, etc. I was just me in the hood.”

The singer’s melancholy stemmed from feelings of isolation as his friends embarked on their academic pursuits while he remained stagnant.

His longing for companionship and a sense of purpose intensified as he recalled the liveliness his friends brought into his life.

Crayon also shared his aspirations of becoming a professional footballer during this time.

“I used to play football. I used to be a proper footballer. They called me ‘Coutinho’ in my hood. You know prime Coutinho who played for Liverpool?” he reminisced.

Despite his undeniable talent on the field, the Nigerian football scene proved to be challenging and rife with corruption.

His voice resonating with both regret and determination, Crayon expressed,

I tried to become a professional footballer, but it didn’t work out for me because football in Nigeria is quite dicey. There is a lot of corruption.”

He went on to share a disheartening incident that took place during a screening at the Surulere National Stadium.

“At a time I went for one screening in Surulere, they [NFF officials] picked me and they had to like swindle me and pick someone else because the person had money and connections. So, at that point, I became disappointed. I went home depressed.”

Crayon’s story sheds light on the challenges many young Nigerians face in pursuing their dreams, as well as the need for transparency and fairness within the country’s football system.

His openness about his struggles with depression serves as an inspiration for others facing similar hardships, emphasizing the importance of seeking support and finding alternative paths to success.

The artist is under contract with Blowtime Entertainment, a label associated with Mavin Records, overseen by producer Don Jazzy.

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