Nigerian slam Billionaire for sharing the gospel instead of money

Man blast Nigerian Billionaire for sharing the gospel on the street instead of money

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The video of Nigerian billionaire businessman, Dr. Cosmas Maduka, from the Coscharis Group and a native of Anambra state, sharing gospel on the streets of Lagos about the salvation of Jesus Christ, has recently resurfaced online.Nigerian slam Billionaire for sharing the gospel instead of money

In a surprising twist, an X user, Felix Olusola Abayomi – @felabayomi, didn’t quite approve of the billionaire’s new missionary endeavor.

Felix believed that instead of preaching, the billionaire should be sharing his wealth with the people on the street of Lagos.

Felix backed his opinion with a verse from the Bible, specifically Matthew 19:21-24, which encourages the wealthy to sell their possessions, give to the poor, and follow the path of compassion for Christ.

He argued that this action would offer tangible hope to those in need.

Felix stated;

He should be sharing his billions on the streets. The Bible says when a rich man approached Jesus, he was advised to sell all he had, give to the poor, and follow him. That’s what he should do to preach hope – provide hope in tangible ways.”

Felix Olusola Abayomi

Dr. Cosmas Maduka, a familiar face among African billionaires, as recognized by Forbes, hails from Nnewi and has a remarkable success story.

His journey to success was far from smooth, but it eventually led him to the pinnacle of business achievement.

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