NUJ condemns attack on Atlantic TV, Wish FM stations, says it's an attempt to Muzzle media

NUJ condemn attack on Atlantic TV, Wish FM stations, says it’s an attempt to muzzle media

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The attack on Atlantic Television and Wish FM on Tuesday in Port Harcourt, where facilities and equipment worth millions of Naira were destroyed, have been condemned by the Rivers State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ).NUJ condemns attack on Atlantic TV, Wish FM stations, says it's an attempt to Muzzle media

The Union expressed outrage over the incident and called it “barbaric, shameful, cowardly, reckless, and retrogressive” in a statement released by its chairman and secretary – Stanley Job Stanley and Ike Wigodo.

The Council said that the bombing and gunfire that took place on the grounds of the media house were attempts by anti-democracy forces to silence the press.

Never in the history of Rivers State have we witnessed such barbaric act. It’s a dangerous precedent in the State and obviously an attempt to gag the Press. We condemn it in strong terms and also call on well meaning Nigerians to denounce this reprehensible act.” – NUJ said.

The Union futher noted;

We also call on the security agencies, especially the police and the DSS, to investigate this dastardly act and bring the culprits to book“.

The NUJ leadership extended their condolences to the management and personnel of Atlantic Television and Wish FM Stations for the heinous tragedy and thanked God that no lives were lost while they were inspecting the stations on Wednesday morning.

The Council ordered the state’s journalists, Atlantic Television, Wish FM, and all other media outlets not to be frightened or deterred by the attack.

According to NUJ, the media would not be intimidated by those who oppose free speech, democracy, and accountability, it was pledged, and it would continue to be determined in carrying out its duties.

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