LP candidate, Olumati Isaiah vows to turn around lives of footballers in Rivers

LP candidate, Olumati Isaiah vows to turn around lives of footballers in Rivers

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Labour Party candidate for the Rivers state House of Assembly – Hon. Olumati Isaiah has promised to turn around the lives of young footballers at Elekahia area of the state. LP candidate, Olumati Isaiah vows to turn around lives of footballers in Rivers

The PHALGA House of Assembly candidate for Constituency 1 claimed that if they join hands to vote him into power, he would not only be able to assist them in changing their lives but also provide them with a variety of other resources.

Olumati Isaiah, who revealed this on his Facebook page on Tuesday, asserted that neither balls nor jerseys can alter the course of their lives, but only a person with the passion to guide them past the point of playing football as a hobby and into the world of professional football.

The Labour Party candidate also discussed his intentions for the Rebisi Cup in November should he win the elections on Saturday and other intriguing benefits that footballers in his constituency typically receive.

His full statement reads;

Today, I met with the footballers at Elekahia. As stood in front of them, many scenarios played in my mind.

I had spoken to the coach a few minutes before he got the boys together. Speaking with him, he lamented on the need for balls and Jerseys. I listened with keen attention till he was done.

When I stood before the boys, I told them, if you want balls, I can provide so many when I win. If you wany Jerseys, I can get you fresh supplies as often as possible. If you want me regularly on the pitch with you, i can add that to my program as your representative.

However, neither balls nor Jerseys can change your lives. What can change your lives is someone passionate enough to help you go beyond playing here as past time to helping you walk into the “business of football”.

Some of you should end up with actual degrees as coaches, some should be football consultants at a reputable level, some more of you should be respected football analysts whose thoughts will be sought on important cable networks, others should become football managers and scouts.

The business oppurtunities in the football space are a lot, why ask for just footballs and jerseys?

I left them with that thought. In their eyes, I could see that had disrupted the many years of thinking of just football and jersey.

I hear the Rebisi cup holds every November, I am looking foward to planning it with the boys this year when I win.

I would love to show them, what is Possible. More like, the #OlumatiEffect.

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