Peter Obi Call Tinubu’s Subsidy Removal ‘Organized Crime’

Peter Obi Call Tinubu's Subsidy Removal 'Organized Crime'
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In a surprising turn of events at the Court of Appeal today, Tuesday, June 6, 2023, Labour Party Presidential Candidate Peter Obi found himself caught in the middle of a media frenzy.Peter Obi Call Tinubu's Subsidy Removal 'Organized Crime'

Judicial correspondents, eager to get a statement from the prominent politician, ambushed him at the entrance of the court, demanding his comments on the ongoing subsidy removal debate.

While Mr. Obi initially stated that he would not speak on matters before the court, the persistent journalists insisted that he address the government’s claims that he supported the subsidy removal.

In response, Obi stunned the crowd with a candid admission: he has actually been a proponent of subsidy removal since his days as a member of the Economic Management team under President Goodluck Jonathan.

Asserting his position, Obi emphasized the need to eliminate subsidies, which he characterized as “organized crime.”

He revealed that his stance on the matter had been consistent, even during his time in the economic management team, where he presented empirical evidence challenging the fuel consumption figures claimed by those benefiting from the subsidies.

Drawing on an analogy, Mr. Obi compared the removal of subsidies to a tooth extraction by a dentist.

He explained that, similar to applying a local anesthetic to numb the pain before extracting a tooth, a gradual approach to subsidy removal, accompanied by relieving policies, would be less painful for the masses compared to a sudden, forceful removal.

Moreover, Obi stressed that he has already outlined his plan to remove subsidies in his manifesto.

He assured the public that his governance style would involve working closely with the people, providing them with statistical and empirical evidence of the savings generated by subsidy removal and how those savings would be utilized to improve the lives of the suffering masses.

In a bold critique of past Nigerian governments, Mr. Obi noted the recurring problem of the masses being asked to endure suffering and make sacrifices for the promise of a better future, only to find that the situation worsens over time.

He pledged to break this cycle, demonstrating transparency and accountability throughout his tenure.

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