Peter Obi Drops Message for Nigerian Youths

Peter Obi has a message for Nigerian youths
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In a powerful and uplifting message shared on his official Twitter page to mark World Youth Day, the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, called upon Nigerian youths to remain steadfast in their positivity and hope for the emergence of a New Nigeria built on robust youth development and productivity.Peter Obi has a message for Nigerian youths

Amidst the prevailing political uncertainty and economic difficulties faced by the nation, Obi urged the young generation to draw strength and motivation from these challenges, transforming them into catalysts for their steadfast commitment to shaping a brighter future for Nigeria.

On this day that the global community celebrates the youths, known as World Youth Day, I urge Nigerian youths to remain steadfast, positive and hopeful for the coming of a New Nigeria that will be anchored on youth development and productivity,” Obi stated.

Obi emphasized that the journey to a rejuvenated Nigeria required unyielding resilience and determination from the country’s youth.

He highlighted that by remaining dedicated to the cause, the path towards a better nation could be forged, overcoming obstacles and hardships along the way.

Recognizing the pivotal role of youth development and productivity, Obi underlined that addressing these concerns could pave the way for resolving some of the nation’s most pressing challenges.

He stressed that issues such as rising insecurity, drug abuse, high inflation, and staggering unemployment rates among the youth population could be mitigated through the creation of a more robust and vibrant economy that fosters productive engagement.

Citing troubling statistics, Obi lamented that Nigeria currently holds the unfortunate distinction of having the highest unemployment rate globally, with a staggering 33.3% unemployment rate.

Furthermore, projections indicate that this figure could soar to 40.6%, leaving more than half of the productive age population without gainful employment.

As a result, the nation will continue to stagger under the weight of many economic and social challenges,” Obi warned.

He underscored the importance of nurturing a conducive economic environment and providing unwavering support for the growth of small businesses as critical steps towards surmounting these obstacles.

Obi concluded his message with an unwavering commitment to constructing a New Nigeria that thrives on youth development.

He recognized that the boundless energy, skills, and potential possessed by the youth are essential elements needed to shift Nigeria’s trajectory from a consumption-based economy to one driven by productive endeavors.

I remain committed to building a New Nigeria anchored on youth development because their energy, skills, and potentials are critical ingredients needed to move our nation from consumption to production. A greater, better Nigeria is POssible,” he said.

Peter Obi’s words resonate as an inspirational call to action for Nigerian youths to come together and pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for their beloved nation.

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