Nigerian R&B Sensation Phaemous and DJ Djames Release ‘Boundaries

Nigerian R&B Sensation Phaemous and DJ Djames Release 'Boundaries
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Get ready for a mind-blowing musical experience as Nigerian R&B prodigy Phaemous and renowned UK DJ and producer Djames join forces to present their groundbreaking collaboration, ‘Boundaries’.Nigerian R&B Sensation Phaemous and DJ Djames Release 'Boundaries

Exciting Collaboration: Phaemous & Djames Present ‘Boundaries’ EP

Crafted in the vibrant cities of Lagos and London, this sensational 5-track R&B project pushes the boundaries of music, blending mesmerizing melodies with the infectious beats of minimalist afrobeats.

Created by PHAEMOUS and expertly produced by DJAMES, ‘BOUNDARIES’ explores the intricate realms of love and relationships, delving into relatable themes such as first-date jitters, unexpected ghosting, and the quest for expressing affection to a love interest.

Prepare to be captivated from the very start as the EP kicks off with the head-bopping anthem ‘MIA’, where PHAEMOUS pours his heart out over DJAMES’ soul-stirring saxophone arrangements.

The irresistible ‘What Is Love?’ follows suit, driven by enchanting drum patterns that challenge whether love or money truly reigns supreme.

As the EP progresses, the temperature rises with the seductive ‘First Time’, featuring jazzy keyboards and provocative lyrics that will leave you craving more.

The EP reaches its climax with the sultry track ‘Dreaming’, enticing listeners with DJAMES’ alluring saxophone melodies and captivating live keyboard elements.

Phaemous shares his inspiration behind the project, saying;

The entire project is a celebration of our love for both R&B and afrobeats. By fusing these genres, we have created an unforgettable listening experience that showcases our versatility.

DJAMES added:

Collaborating with PHAEMOUS is a thrilling opportunity for me as a DJ and producer. I recognized his immense talent, and this project is the perfect platform to showcase our combined potential.

Stream + Download ‘Boundaries’ HERE:

PHAEMOUS, already boasting over two million streams, emerges as one of Nigeria’s most promising R&B artists in 2023, while DJAMES has achieved international acclaim, having worked with musical heavyweights like Drake and The Weeknd.

DJAMES’ viral remixes have garnered him a massive following of over a quarter-million fans on TikTok and Instagram, and he is set to headline his first London concert this August, following a busy summer schedule that includes performances in Canada, Germany, Finland, and the Caribbean.

While DJAMES prepares to take the music world by storm, PHAEMOUS is putting the finishing touches on his highly anticipated sophomore solo EP, ‘Phæway Vol. 2’, scheduled for release later this year.

Don’t miss out on the collaborative masterpiece that is ‘BOUNDARIES’, available now via EMPIRE.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of Nigerian R&B and UK finesse, brought to life by PHAEMOUS and DJAMES in this unforgettable musical journey.

Boundaries’ EP Tracklist

1. MIA
2. What Is Love?
3. Locked Up
4. First Time
5. Dreaming

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