Plumber land in jail for collecting 150k for 20k job from Nigerian Lady

Plumber land in jail for collecting 150k for 20k job from Nigerian Lady
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A plumber has landed himself in jail after scamming a Nigerian lady the whopping sum of 150,000 Naira for a job that should have cost only 20,000 Naira.Plumber land in jail for collecting 150k for 20k job from Nigerian Lady

The victim, identified as Veeiye, took to social media to share her ordeal, vowing to hold those responsible for such acts of wickedness accountable.

Veeiye’s Troubling Experience:

Veeiye first sought the services of the plumber when her kitchen tap malfunctioned. The plumber, who remains unidentified, assured her that he could fix the issue promptly.

However, after replacing the tap, Veeiye discovered that it stopped working again within a week. Trusting the plumber’s expertise, she paid the additional charges of 25,000 Naira without questioning the bill.

To her dismay, the problems persisted as her tap stopped functioning once more, prompting the plumber to propose more repairs.

He claimed that connecting the kitchen water to a different pumping machine and installing new pipes would solve the issue.

The unsuspecting Veeiye, unaware of the true extent of the situation, agreed to the repairs and paid a staggering 95,000 Naira.

The plumber’s audacity did not stop there. When Veeiye’s tap malfunctioned again, she decided to seek a second opinion.

Calling in another plumber, she discovered that the previous contractor had been deliberately tampering with her water supply.

Shockingly, the second plumber revealed that the problem had nothing to do with her sink or filter, as the deceitful plumber had claimed.

Justice Served:

Enraged by the plumber’s dishonesty and manipulative tactics, Veeiye made the courageous decision to confront him.

After realizing the extent of the plumber’s fraudulent activities, she arranged a meeting at her residence, unbeknownst to him.

The plumber, once again resorting to deceit, turned off her water supply using a screwdriver, sealing his fate in the process.

Law enforcement authorities swiftly intervened, apprehending the plumber and charging him with fraud and malicious damage.

Due to Veeiye’s determination to expose his wrongdoing, the plumber was found guilty and subsequently found his way to jail.

His actions will surely serve as a warning to others who seek to exploit innocent individuals for personal gain.

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