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Princess of Drill, TeeZandos releases ‘UH

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Teezandos continues her journey into the male dominated Drill scene as she releases her 2nd single of the year, ‘Uh’ a serious street banger. With her signature energetic flows across this well produced original Drill style.Teezandos hits the scene with her next track ‘Uh’

The ‘Princess of Drill’ is coming off the back of single ‘Page 45’ where she teamed up with Midas The Jagaban who also is innovating in the UK scene. The East Londoner featured as COMPLEX’s UK rappers to watch this year, and everyone is watching.

Her presence on social media is building with 50k followers on Instagram alongside her 57,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Her hit ‘Phone Call’ has amassed over a million streams, and with further growth of her talent, ‘Uh’ is expected to smash her own records.

Teezandos – Uh [Download/stream]

Harnessing her playful style, this track is energetic with busy drums keeping a rhythm. Wasting no time, the tenacious lyricist jumps into the chorus, “I know that the man don’t like me”, she delivers in the chorus amidst lots of “Uh’s”.

With the more laid-back approach on the chorus, Tee really picks up the attitude in the verses. Operating over a top-quality beat made up of strings and melodic 808’s that was made by the scenes finest, ‘Gotcha’ who recently produced smash hit ‘Body’.

A drill style video but with its own individual stamp, it has vintage effect with the way that it has been filmed. It has casted a dreamy and retro vibe on the lens of the camera, alongside the timeworn cars and antique outfits, it makes for a very imaginative Drill video in its own lane.

With a large cast of characters vibing alongside Teezandos, they really help to illustrate the dynamism from the track.

Teezandos – Uh [Watch] 

The development of Teezandos is shaking the drill scene up and with fun tracks such as ‘Uh’ she is going to remain one to watch throughout this year. Up there with the top female rappers in the UK boasting over 7 million views across YouTube alone. The ‘Princess of Drill’ is aiming for Queen.

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