Reason I’m spending 20years in jail for rape I didn’t commit – Sky

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The jeans and top were off, she was only in her bra and panties…and damn what a sexy pair of undies. Personally I prefer boylegs typpa undies but anyway.

I was in bed watching a show strip tease…

My body was ready physically, but something didn’t feel right. Maybe it was the Guilt…. This was my girlfriend’s older sister after all ,and they just had a huge argument the other day , about what , I don’t know. My heart was telling me I shouldn’t be doing this but my mind… Well my mind wasn’t functioning at all. I was beyond drunk and whatever sobber blood I had in me was flowing down south.

Still this whole thing didn’t make sense at all to me, my gut was telling me something is wrong somewhere. I know why I was about to do what I was about to do , I was just being a dog an asshole, there’s no excusing that. Just a physical thing with no emotions involved .

Just another dog doing what dogs do when they get get released from the leash . but what about her, what’s in it for her? Why was she doing this?and why was she going so easy about it?. All those questions faded away as she guided me in, everything was , she was on top of me. No time for questions, no time for doubts. Time to work …or so I thought

I had met her earlier that night , was about 11:00, we had a staff party where i work . I was on my way home when I decided to stop at some club I needed a bottle of Vodka. She was there with her friends, very beautiful as usual . as my Girlfriend’s sister we were pretty cool with each other. She came to me as I walked in, the usual hug. The usual small humours talk, I really liked my Sbali. I got my bottle of vodka and I got her a cider. She was walking me to my car when she suddenly said she was wasted and wanted to go home.

Could I drive her home? 
I had no problem at all with that. Its only two streets from where I stay anyway. She went in to say goodbye to her friends, after what seemed like a long time , she came back and we left. I could see she wasn’t okay on the way home, she wasn’t her usual self, something was bothering her. The small talk wasn’t making any difference to her but the cider did. She was on her third already in a short space of time, she was on her phone most of the time. I didn’t pay any attention and maybe I should have. Suddenly she she didn’t want to go home , there was a very emotive issue she wasn’t ready to face at the moment.

Could she crash at my place for the night ?!
Now I’m thinking not a great idea at all. My girlfriend was away on work related business, to have Sbali there just the two of us drunk and wasted was s very bad idea. As if she could read minds or maybe she did read my mind, she assure me that all she want to do is sleep. I relaxed and got rid of whatever misgivings I had about the situation , so I drove to my place instead. After I opened the door I went to my kitchen to get some glasses for my Vodka and her cider .by the time I returned , she was only in her undies . I was dumbstruck, all I could do was to wide eyed. She had a body that could soften any mans brain and harden his other parts.

She could see that I didn’t really know how to react to this new development. So she walked towards me. Gave me one deep sensual kiss and started to tear off my clothes pushed me on the couch . We ended up in the bedroom. As I lay on the bed , the tease dance started. That’s when I felt uneasy but that ended she took control and did some things I never thought she’s capable of. Licking some places I never thought were meant to be licked. OK you get the picture , I won’t go into details with that feel free to use your own imagination. We were busy getting it on when my door flew in and as if on cue she started to scream. It wasn’t opened it was kicked in.

About eight police officers were pouring in, guns in had ready to shoot all talking at the same time ,i couldn’t make sense of what was happening. She was sobbing uncontrollably, a bed sheet covering her.I was handcuffed and taken to the waiting van, naked .It was at the police station that I was told I dragged her to my car and drove off, roughly stripped her and had my way with her. All against her will. It was her friends who alerted the cops to my barbaric acts.

The charges were kidnapping, gracious bodily harm and rape. The trial didn’t take long , six months and I had a 20years sentence to serve. My accuser maintained that I raped her she stuck to her story and I was fvcked. I had no Idea why she did what she did. I lost my Job , my family was disappointed, my girlfriend hated me, her family wanted me dead, I was really f**ked.

“They had buried my accuser seven months after I went to jail. She had taken her own life , the only note she left just “she couldn’t live with herself after what happened. That was it. No confession or explanation. That didn’t help me at all, I still had a sentence to serve. In fact it made things worse. Everybody assumed she couldn’t live with the fact that I raped her . she couldn’t accept it so she killed herself.”

The first year was hard, emotionally I was a time bomb ready to explode , but as time went by I found something else to keep me sane.No its not religion , actually I hate religion and anyone who tries to shove it down my throat . I didn’t do anything wrong to anyone and yet I’m in jail , where was religion to save me?! So as far I’m concerned. To hell with religion. I only believe in me from now on.

I studied instead. Now in my twelfth year In jail I have two degrees , next week I’m being released , my parole has finally been approved but I’m scared of how things will be when I get out. I’ve been alone for a long time living in my own world. No support from anyone . not even family members came to see me, not anyone. I don’t know how to feel about the outside world , I don’t know where will I go or will I live. The only hope I have is job that was promised to me by a company that gives second chances to people like me.

Do I hate women?!
Let’s put it this way, though my accuser played with her life for what she did. I still have the stigma of being a rapist. People still think I did it because she never came out and say it was a lie , so though I’ll never trust women again, I don’t hate them.

My future?! 
Well, since I don’t have any family , any relationship, I haven’t planned anything for the future except living my life to the fullest and making best of the second chance I’m getting. Probably I’ll never get married, I don’t know about dating but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there …

Am I bitter?! 
Well, I spent so many years behind bars for something I didn’t do. Lost everything , my job , family and my comfort zone, a part of my life.
How do you think I feel?!

“To all my sisters reading this, please think before you do something that’s gonna change someone else’s life. That’s all I can say.”

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