love and romance

Rules of good love and romance

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What does Rule and Romance mean?

A rule is a statement telling people what they should do in order to achieve success or a benefit of some and romance

While romance can be said to be a relationship between two people who are in love with each other but who are not married to each other.

Romance refers to the actions and feelings of people who are in love, especially behaviour which is very caring or affectionate. It can also be referred to the pleasure and excitement of doing something new or exciting as romance.

With all of this said about rules and romance, their are some principles that guide our relationship that makes it good and romantic, because without all this flavours our relationship is as good as dead.

It will just be the same old routine over and over again but the addition of romance gives it a different feel that makes you want to unwrap more which leads to the altar of forever.

1: Honesty is always the best policy:

In a relationship if their is no openness between the man and the woman, then that relationship is ending for the bricks. their must be some level of honesty between them because of the love they have for each other and not all lies, which is to be open to your partner and telling them who you really are.

2: Holding Hands:

I really don’t get why some people are shy when it comes to holding the hands of their partners in public. where is the spirit of being different from the others, and doing things that are not your usual over cooperative self or should I say stucked up self. Loosen up and be free to explore the feeling of holding the hands of your partner when going for a romantic walk in the park, or on the street with the perfect weather of love and giving your partner the chance to express their Mr or Miss romantic self.

3: Cuddling:

This is my favorite part of relationship, I don’t know about you but trust me I can do the house chores to be cuddled. guys and ladies let’s try to be free sometimes, don’t get me wrong. be free as to allow a cuddle with your partner, its the best time to share heart felt talks that you wouldn’t think of when you are in a fancy restaurant with your high end fancy dress or suit. let’s try to drop some thoughts that are not true about our partners which restricts us from having a productive time with them.

4: Cheating:

What exactly are you looking for in the girl or boy on the street that you wouldn’t find in your man or woman. if you love someone you wouldn’t cheat on them because its your decision to love them and be faithful to them. you owe them that much because of the things you share together.

5: Writing a love letter (hand written one):

Why have we decided to turn love and romance into a none feeling organization. what happen to the old fashion way of telling or showing someone that we love them. what happened to writing letter with a piece of paper and pen, that tell more than just sending a text on the phone, its every where and its the normal. try to be the abnormal in a normal relationship setting, what about giving them the feeling of I am too special.

6: Always forgive:

Am not going to say much on this because the bible has said it all. we should forgive 70×7 everyday and that’s because if you love someone, you will forgive the person no matter what that person does.

7: Buying a surprise gift:

Let our gift be thoughtful and full of love. we shouldn’t give plain Jane gifts or ugly Betty gifts, man/woman, girl/boy, guy/lady please know what your partner needs as a gift by paying attention to what their likes and dislikes are.

8: Be unpredictable with dates:

Its not only guys that is entitled to take the ladies out, ladies be appreciative towards the men and take them out too. also we should be creative with our dates spot and not the everyday restaurant and shopping, try to go sky diving or go for a boat ride and other stuffs to help your partner feel the love more.

We should try to be more relaxed than stiff with our relationship. Do unto others what you want them to do to you

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