Cultural Singer Richman Receives N500k Gift from Sabinus

Cultural Singer Richman Receives N500k Gift from Sabinus
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In an unexpected and heartwarming gesture, Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekiru, popularly known as Sabinus, a celebrated comedy skit-maker, has generously presented Richman Okparanma, a prominent cultural singer from Rivers State, with a remarkable gift of N500,000.Sabinus Supports Rivers Cultural Singer, Richman, With N500,000

The captivating encounter unfolded when Richman and his band, known as “Great Mind Sound,” paid a visit to Sabinus at his residence in the vibrant city of Port Harcourt.

The occasion was nothing short of exceptional, as Sabinus was deeply impressed by the mesmerizing performance delivered by the talented group.

Overflowing with admiration and a desire to support emerging artists, Sabinus promptly reached into his wallet and bestowed upon the musical ensemble a substantial sum of N500,000.

This gesture revealed not only his commitment to uplifting fellow entertainers but also highlighted his genuine appreciation for their artistry.

In a touching display of gratitude, Richman took to his official social media platform to express his heartfelt thanks to Sabinus. He praised the renowned entertainer as a “world-class entertainer investor”.

Richman recounted the inspiring reception he and his band received within the walls of Sabinus’s Port Harcourt fortress.

The Rivers Cultural Singer also extended his appreciation for the generous cash gift and the lavish refreshments provided by Sabinus, fondly referred to as “Mr. Funny.”Sabinus Supports Rivers Cultural Singer, Richman, With N500,000

Richman’s Facebook post sums up his emotions;

A world class Entertainer Investor Sabinus gave Great minds sound a huge Reception in His PH Fortress. Thanks to God Almighty, and a very big gratitude to Mr funny for the Cash gift and massive refreshment. Greater heights Boss.”

It’s worth noting that Richman Okparanma is the brilliant composer behind the hit song “My Wife Say”.

This extraordinary act of benevolence is not Sabinus’s first contribution to the entertainment community in Rivers State.

Earlier this month, he organized a spirited football tournament exclusively for entertainers.

In a thrilling competition, the DJs emerged as victors and were awarded a substantial prize of over 2 million Naira by the esteemed skit-maker.

Sabinus has continued to show love and support towards his fellow artists, coupled with his philanthropic endeavors.

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