Six Easy Steps to Cook Beans Like A Pro

Six Easy Steps to Cook Beans Like A Pro
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A lot of Nigerian homes can’t do without beans and of course, cooking this wonderful meal like a pro can be a delightful experience with these six easy steps.

Follow these tips to enhance your cooking skills and enjoy delicious, well-prepared beans every time, Hitvibz reports.

1. Soak Your Beans

Soak your beans for 1-2 hours before cooking.

This softens the beans and significantly reduces the cooking time, saving you gas, kerosene, or firewood.

Soaking also helps reduce the chemicals used in storage, minimizing the risk of stomach pain.

2. Avoid Using Softeners

Do not add items like Akanwu, nails, or soda to soften your beans.

These can negatively affect the taste and texture. Simply soaking the beans is sufficient to achieve the desired softness.

3. Parboil and Wash

Parboil the beans and then wash them before the actual cooking.

This step helps reduce the chemical content further, ensuring a healthier meal without stomach aches.

4. Add Ingredients at the Right Time

Allow your beans to soften well before adding any ingredients.

After parboiling and washing, add salt to enhance the taste. Only add salt when you’re ready to cook the beans fully.

5. Enhance Flavor with Key Ingredients

Add enough crayfish, onions, and red oil. These ingredients are essential for bringing out the best flavor, color, and presentation in your bean dish.

6. Complement with Protein and Carbohydrates

Complement your beans with animal protein like fish and meat if available. Crayfish can also serve as a good source of protein.

For a balanced meal, pair your beans with a carbohydrate source such as plantain, yam, rice, garri, pap, or any cereal of choice.

You can cook these together or serve them as a side.

Adding a dash of vegetables like curry leaves or scent leaves can enhance the aroma and taste.

Now you can cook and enjoy your beans like a pro chef!

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