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Diary of an angry Nigerian girl: Public Servants

Dear Diary, Does the word "public servant" have a different meaning in Nigeria from the rest of the world? I always thought they were there to serve the public and not harass. I recently had a bad experience with the ones I met.

Diary of an angry Nigerian girl: One Chance

Dear Diary, I had always wondered how people fall victim to one chance operators (fraudsters) not until I recently experienced it first hand. These one chance operators are known for defrauding people by pretending to be a cab-man with passengers.

Diary of an angry Nigerian girl: Marriage

Dear Diary, Marriage in Africa is like the number one criteria for a woman, you have to be married to be recognized as a woman in our society. But such pressures also come with consequences, let me tell you of an experience I had in marriage.

Diary of an angry Nigerian girl: Money way

Dear Diary, Money they say makes the world go round, whoever says money can't solve your problems must not have had enough money to solve theirs, but still not everyone (or girl) is after money.