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May we not end up with partners that will bring us shame – lady laments

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Shame, they say sometimes run our lives and undermines our relationships, but most of us love to keep it hidden.Temitope

Most of us are ashamed of being ashamed and one of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a life partner is when they end up with a partner that brings them constant shame.

Well, a Nigerian lady simply known as Temitope has taken to her social media page to pray that we don’t ‘end up with partners that will bring us shame’.

The lady narrated how a women publicly embarrassed and humiliated her husband after a car accident involving a Nigerian soldier.

Temitope wrote on her Twitter page saying;

May we not end up with partners that will bring us shame. So this woman was driving and somehow she and another car collided. In the heat of her anger, she got out of her car and landed the driver of the other car two hot slaps across his face. The man calmly entered his car.”

She went on to reveal the ugly incident that transpired between the woman, her husband and the soldier.

Read the full gist below…..
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