The Artiste Guide BreakOutOfTheMonth – April Playlist Review

The Artiste Guide BreakOutOfTheMonth - April Playlist Review
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As we present BreakOutOfTheMonth, The Artiste Guide (TAG) is a place where aspiring superstars can gather to learn, relate to one another, interact, promote, and grow.The Artiste Guide BreakOutOfTheMonth - April Playlist Review

TAG is the first music scene in Nigeria that have a FAMILY BOND and SUPPORT POWER.

The BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist is a monthly playlist that focuses on promoting exceptionally gifted young artists, one of its many methods for promoting future stars.

Playlist theme: Diamond in the rough experiencing superstar gifts.

BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist (April edition) Track list.

1. Chief Double 6 – You: This beautiful piece of art starts the playlist like a proper intro track into a Johnny Drille album. The rendition, arrangement, lyricism, and the emotions portrayed are a 10/10. It’s a 10.

2. Jason jhms – Melodies: Listening to this track, I catch myself asking if I’ve ever heard a better use of interpolation in any other track. The vocals just do something to you. The effort put into the songwriting is so obvious, you can live through it. A STRONG 9.

3. Orae The Great – Better single: This song highlights the struggles of people surviving through their romantic relationships and how it’s be better for them to be single and I’m absolutely love with it.

Especially in this age where domestic violence is excused because of different reasons, I think it is a song many need to listen to. The way she rendered the message melodiously is very commendable. A solid 10.

4. Victony ft. Don Toliver & Rema – Soweto (Remix): Oh you know. The industry big boys know how to create a good jam.

Victony’s sweet Soweto got a remix and my favorite verse is Rema’s but what Don Toliver did is so good too. The song sounds like slutty sex if it had a sound cause whattt? Very beautiful 10/10 track.

5. Jegz – Money Sanity (ft. Stoozi & MerryBet): Broooo, these boys came and scattered everywhere but in a good way. My world just went back to 2013 prime afrobeat X rap prime music era. These guys over delivered and I’m not exaggerating. The rappers understood the assignment and went hardd. It’s a 10.

6. Ojay – Tiamo Maria: This track is giving wedding setting. Sounds like it was written with the intention to fit into a wedding party playlist. The vibe is just right for that. It’s a 9.

7. O blast – Amina: This is a very vibey track with very high replay value. The message is really cohesive even though the intent looks like it is to make you dance in a club. It’s a strong 9.

8. Amanny – Ball ft. Hurious: This rap song seamlessly combines Yoruba language and proper English while making it sound all foreign. The second verse came in like the Artiste was owing rent and put all his hope on the success of the track. The vocal was crazy brazy. It’s a 9.

9. OdumoduBlck – Declan Rice: Big Kala sent a message of non conformity to normal industry standards and rules and how much he values bonds he has created before going mainstream. In his regular manner, his verse sounds violent spiced with touches of deep street lingo. A strong 9.

10. Depp – Bounce ft. YBE Dave: The beat and the verse on this track go so well together. The general feel of the song is foreign. It’s a strong 8.

11. Three – 8 Things: Beautifully written and rendered. The creative direction is dope AF. It’s speaks to the confidence of a guy around a girl that likes him. It’s an 8.

12. Zikiwe – Shine: Conscious music will always be a winning ballot. This track makes you remember the importance of carving your own part and how great it is to be your own person instead of being a people pleaser. The chorus is catchy and the whole song is very cohesive. It’s a strong 9.

13. Sickoboy – Everyday: This track is vibey, and very new school. It takes the form of a love song when it’s really a song of apology to a lover. The chorus is catchy and something you will almost sing along to when it comes on the second time. It’s a strong 8.

14. KrisKillz – Your Upper: This vocal did something to me immediately it came on. I’m so touched. Whattt?? I loveet and I can’t put a finger on why but I really love it. It sounds like conscious music so I’ll just settle for that but it’s more than that. It’s a beautiful song. A solid 9.

15. Khaid – Carry Me Dey Go ft. Boy Spyce: A perfect blend of different melodies. It is that kind of song you don’t get tired of singing along to. Replay value is off the roof. It’s a really strong 9.

16. African Prince – Dey my mind: Cool, calm, and collected. This track is the type you hear and you’re immersed in what the Artiste has to say and you’re in tune with the exact message being passed along. It’s a strong 8.

17. Yuxx Niaja – Ethanol ft. Dj Bamzy: A pretty vibey song, it starts off like a skit about a guy who’s suddenly the centre of attention to gold diggers but progresses into a song about a guy obsessed about one particular girl. An 8.

18. Myles Wrld – On the Low ft. Cheboss & Zutem: This song screams the other room and it is not even shy about it. Your tlof tlof playlist definitely needs this if you’re seriously curating one. It also has a catchy chorus. It’s an 8.

19. Dr Karmma – I swear: The very first verse started off with a vibe resembling that of BNXN and the delivery was still unique. It has a very beautiful creative direction to it. Almost impossible to dislike. A strong 8.

20. Dakade – Movie: Very catchy chorus laced with addictives and no stress verses make this song a regular listener’s favorite. It’s a strong 8.

21. Shade – Journey: Shade with a Simi type of voice renders this special track whilst owning her style and vibe. The vocal and the way she weilds it is such a beautiful blend. It’s a 9.

22. E 1ne – Dey 4 Me: On first listen, you’ll already be able to sing along to the chorus. That’s just how catchy it is. The pre chorus and even the verses are also pretty easy to remember. It is well written and cohesively delivered. A 9.

23. Zmartbwai – No Regrets: This song is an introspective song that delves into the complexities of life’s choices regarding love life. It’s considerably cohesively written. An 8.

24. Sydney Dre – Hustle up: Talks about the sacrifices made so someone else can have a good life just like the TAG brand is doing. It also has a very calm feeling fitting to end the playlist in style. A calm 9.

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